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About Us

About Us

The Global Beat Foundation is a network of experienced and dedicated journalists and writers that aims to work together with South Asian journalists to enhance the quality of journalism and writings.

The Global Beat Foundation will give prominence to Urdu journalism in South Asia and globally.

Our Beginning

The Global Beat Foundation is a non-profit organization established in November 2015 and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia effective January 2018. The organization is promoted by women and is a network for enhancing the quality and credibility of journalists of South Asia with an initial emphasis on Pakistan.

GBF adheres to the principle that journalism intends to inform and educate and that the language used by journalists must be based on facts and free of bias.

Our Mission

To help and train women journalists, uplift the standard of journalism to of the South Asian mass media in the U.S. and in South Asia by providing education, training, and support to journalists in the public and private sectors.

Our Vision

South Asia mass media excel at reporting news and analyzing events.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the following five core principles of journalism:

  1. Truth and Accuracy: Getting the facts right is the essential principle of journalism
  2. Independence: A journalist’s voice must be independent, free of bias or outside influence
  3. Fairness and Impartiality: A journalist must be an impartial reporter to build trust and confidence
  4. Humanity: Journalists should be aware of the impact of words and images on the lives of others
  5. Accountability: Professionalism and responsible journalism

Our Core Values

  • Professional Integrity
  • Journalistic Credibility
  • Code of Ethics Compliance

Our Goals and Strategies

Supported by donations from similarly motivated individuals and organizations, the GBF intends to offer:

  • Training sessions
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Exchange visits
  • Interactive discussions of burning/emerging issues
  • Other forms of assistance, as identified and possible

The above activities will be primarily focused on:

  • The uses of traditional and social media;
  • Factual reporting as distinct from direct and implied messaging;
  • Appropriate uses of commentary and news analysis;
  • Impact of new media technologies on economic, political, and cultural activities and government policies.

Our future goals:

  • Development of training programs for journalism students and working journalists
  • Collaboration with South Asian journalists to discuss safe working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • A seminar on the condition of Urdu journalism globally

Our Timeline

  • November 2015:
    A small group of women initiated GBF
  • January 2018:
    Incorporated as a non-profit in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • July 2018:
    Obtained IRS certification as a 501(c) (3) organization
  • January 2019:
    Bylaws drafted and adapted
  • 2018-2019:
    Organized four interactive discussions (link to events page)

Want to know more about GBF? Want to be a part of our team? Don’t hesitate to drop us a message